The KiLleR Bee and the Rhodie Road

A new addition to the Shadow Spirit stable, the KiLleR bee, which is a Kawasaki KLR 650 in yellow and black.  They were last made in 2018, but there are a few dealers that still have new 2018 KLRs in stock.  Now there is one less.  Last week I picked one up.  The KLR is not the best road bike, or the best off road bike, but it is good at both.  That, and the 6.1 gallon gas tank make it an ideal bike for Alaska.  

Unfortunately my one car garage is totally full – with the T-bird and the Shadow Spirit. So where could the KLR go?

The crowded garage

I briefly contemplated parking the T-bird outside, but with its rag top? Nah! The answer was the cement patio behind the house. Last summer I had picked up an 6 X 8 plastic shed. Hadn’t even set up. But that became the obvious solution.

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The KiLleR bee emerging from its hive.

But riding it from behind the house up to the road became a problem. The lawn, and the water run off turned into a ditch of mud. But a half a yard of 3/4 stone created the Rhodie Road. Of course there was a bit of Azalea there, too.

The Rhodie Road
Riding the Rhodie Road